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tv   The Intelligence Report With Trish Regan  FOX Business  August 24, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm EDT

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wall street will be watching it. we'll be all over it on fbn. one thing the fed is eye, housing. existing home sales weaker than expected but new home sales saw huge gains. conflicting information. i will be all over this stuff on making money @ 6:00 p.m. eastern. now trish reagan. trish: charles, thank you very much. donald trump about to take the bode yum in tampa, florida. rudy giuliani is warming up the crowd. we'll bring it to you as soon as it happens a fresh bombshell report on the clinton foundation. the associated press reporting that the majority of people hillary clinton met with as secretary of state were clinton foundation donors. i'm trish regan. welcome, everyone to "the intelligence report." the optics on this one are not good for hillary clinton. turns out mrs. clinton had one-on-one meetings with 154
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private individuals, more thants to the clinton foundation. coincidence? donald trump sure doesn't think so. he slammed clinton what he believes is a pay to play operation when she was secretary of the state. listen. >> hillary clinton is totally unfit to hold public office. it is impossible to figure out where the clinton foundation ends and the state department begins. trish: now you can anticipate that we're going to hear more of that from mr. trump when he addresses that crowd in a rally there in tampa. meanwhile the clinton campaign out there dismiging these allegation, going so far as to accuse the associated press of biased reporting. wow. your favorite media critic, howie kurtz will weigh in on that one. donald trump signaling he is open to softening some immigration laws but he still
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not backing down from building that wall and having mexico pay for it. were this sudden change? is it really a change? what will it mean to the ability to win over independent voters. our political panel is here and will weigh in. let's get back to the stop story. clinton foundation, more than half the people she met with as secretary of state, gave money to the foundation. this is more than half. this is amazing stuff. findings of a new associated press report. 85 of the 154 people sat down with her from private interest groups and talked with her while secretary of state, they donated to her family's foundation! the 85 donors contributed a total of $156 million. were they looking for favors? if so, what favors were they looking for? economist looking to keep his job at a bank after being pressured to resign by the bangladesh government.
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a wall street executive needing to solve a visa problem. an estee lauder executive pushing for corporate charity? or their corporate charity? to be fair there is no clear violation of any law but appearance of impropriety that is certainly clear. joining me clinton surrogate basil smikel and trump surrogate, boris epshteyn. boris what do you think went on? >> obvious what went on. :fon foundation was vehicle. they put out a call they were open for business. it was vehicle for domestically and very important internationally to gain leverage over the clintons. you didn't mention, representatives of 16 governments had meetings with clinton. those governments gave at least 170 million to the foundation while she was secretary of state. this after she signed a pledge, a pledge that foreign governments would no longer be giving money into her foundation. that was a lie.
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she has lied on everything. she has lied on the emails, on the foundation. she even lied about lying. trish: basil, you see what the criticism is. was she for sale as secretary of state? >> no, not at all. secretary of state. it is not problematic for her to meet with leaders of foreign governments. trish: maybe it was problematic for her to meet -- why give one-on-one meeting unless -- >> one of those meetings was with melinda gates who is international philanthropist. muhammad yunis a nobel prize winner. i think criticism of ap story it mischaracterized meetings. it wasn't 185. she met with 1700 people in course of her time as secretary of state. >> alone? >> what i'm saying it's a subset of a larger amount of meetings. there is no pay to play. there is no evidence of pay to play. trish: you said there is no evidence of pay to play. >> no there isn't. >> royalty of bay rain clearly showed pay to play.
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trish: can i jump in here for a minute guys, i don't think it matters whether there is evidence or not. the fact that she was talking to donors, giving them private one-on-one time while her husband was collecting money from them, that in of itself is problem enough. you know why? life is about perception. there was perception she was for sale regardless whether she was or not. >> giving foundation money not because she was secretary of state. >> to bring those two things together what boris said and you said. take one. emails. individuals trying to get access to her through huma abedin. what was the response? the response was no. this person needs to go through proper channels. has already gone through proper channels. i'm not intervening here. that -- >> go through the foundation. >> no, no. the response -- trish: hang on everybody is talking at once. i can't understand a thing you guys are saying. one at a time. >> the response you needed to go
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through proper channels and that was actually done. so my point is, anyone who is ever tried to engage government will try any method possible to get what they want. >> so that method shouldn't exist. trish: by the way, mark toner from the state department, he issued a statement saying i quote, there are no prohibitions from agency contacts with political campaigns, non-profits or foundations including clinton foundation allegedly saying everything she did was aboveboard. she was allowed to have these relationships. i go back to simple stuff, if you are a federal judge and a company comes before you that you need to make a decision on and you own stock in that company, guess what you have to recuse yourself. you know why you have to recuse yourself? because there is a sense you might be biased n this particular situation why on earth is her husband out there with his hand out collecting from the very same people that she is meeting with as secretary of state and countries? >> people like the lebanese nine
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ninian convicted money launderer. he pledged $60 million. gave millions to the clinton foundation. let's not your whole argument is destroyed clintons themselves are saying if she is lee elected she will change anything. that is call for bribes. they should shut the all down. trish: why shut it down when she becomes president when she didn't shut it down when secretary of state, basil. >> for the exact reason that i said before. it is, she is meeting with world leaders. that is part of the job. wait a minute. trish: not going to have anything to do with it if he is president. >> he is doing foundational work. the point it is, we are what 70 some odd days out. if you shut it down today, all the work that the foundation has been doing -- >> it should be shut down. >> stops immediately. give it time to complete the work it is doing and it is done. >> that is good talking point. democrats are saying it should be shut down. trish: seems to me the american people deserve more.
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they deserve not to be asking these questions right now. and if you think there is going to be a chance -- people will ask questions. guess what you say, i'm not going to do it. i'm not going to take that meeting because that person is a contributor to the foundation and i need to have a chinese wall but she had no chinese wall. she obviously seemed to be on both sides of that equation. we don't know what really happened. but it is not good. i will see you guys. thank you so much. this is new one here from the clinton camp, from ap report calling that that the news agency is biased. ap is biased. that is the analysis is flawed. this is the clinton campaign effectively saying ap done shoddy reporting. it is outrage just to represent secretary clinton's basis meeting with the individuals. distorted portrayal how she crossed paths with individuals who donated to clinton foundation. "new york times," they didn't report the story at all.
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not at all. and where was the outrage when the mainstream media was doing all it could to take donald trump? host of "mediabuzz" on fox news channel, howie kurtz is here with me. howie, i would like your assessment of the ap's story as it now is. what do you think? >> first of all ap has a pretty good reputation for accuracy, here is why the story is carefully worded and fair. two main points. clinton campaign, only covered half of her tenure as secretary of state. that is true it acknowledged in the story because ap had to sue the state department because only coughed up a couple of years of secretary clinton's calendar. you heard this earlier in the segment, subset of all meetings. because as the story says, the app excluded all meetings she had with government officials, federal employees, because that is her job to meet with them. just looked at ones which were private officials including people from overseas, including at least a couple of people with
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questionable reputations because that is where questions might be raced. trish: you think it's a fair story? the clinton camp saying no. this is flawed. this is the biased reporting. is this just a clinton attempt scrambling here to throw something at the wall to see what sticks? >> well, it is standard spin control and damage control. i understand that but to go beyond, well we dispute it because here is bunch numbers and so forth i think it is unfair to hurl a charge of bias. the ap never says pay to play, she was for sale. the ap says this fuels perceptions that giving the foundation money was price of admission for face time with clinton. certainly those perceptions are are out there. the final argument the clinton folks, trish, some of these people melinda gates she would have met with anyway. probably true. but the story doesn't claim otherwise. trish: this ask what i've been saying. we don't know whether there is pay to play, howie. i don't need to get into that. for me the problem is, this
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perception. you know, that perception in many cases seems as though it is reality. it is reason why i keep saying judges have to recuse themselves from making a decision on a company that they may have a personal stake in. that they have stock in. because it is the sense that people need to be, especially secretary of state or federal judge, they need to be beyond reproach. there can't be these lingering questions that members of the media can pick up on. >> and trish, that is reinforced by the fact that bill clinton says if his wife wins the election he will stop raising money and won't is a accept any, foundation will not accept foreign money. why wasn't that standard good enough for secretary of state. clinton campaign using bias is not used to relentless media scrutiny donald trump gets. fine to push back. all campaigns do that. seems to me off base to say the apwas biased. i found the story very carefully worded.
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trish: howie, why doesn't she address this? why doesn't she hold a press conference? there has been 260 days she has gotten up there to answer questions from reporters? why doesn't she answer questions? >> her campaign manager is unable to answer question. has given many interviews. she went on "jimmy kimmel" opened a pickle jar. that counts as media appearance. trish: not really. >> she knows she will get a lot of questions about emails and foundation. she doesn't want to do that one of the reasons it would be so heavily focused on questions because we've gone many, many months without a news conference all these questions built up. if she met with the press regularly. gave more interviews, those questions would be asked at time and could get her message out. trish: also creates the perception of maybe she has something to hide, is that the reason why she is not coming forward? anyway, howie, always good to see you, sir. >> great to be back. trish: don't forget, watch howie on media buzz on the fox news channel at 11:00 a.m. and
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5:00 p.m. eastern every single sunday. since day one conservative watchdog group "judicial watch" has been demanding answers regarding hillary clinton's use of a private email server. thanks to its efforts, the state department has been ordered to release thousands of clinton's emails while she was secretary of state. and that is not all. clinton will have to answer written questions from the group. director of investigations for "judicial watch," chris farrell, joins me next. we have breaking news we want to tell you about american university in afghanistan. it has come under attack. witnesses say they heard loud explosions. they heard gunshots. the country's ministry of health says at least one person has died, more than a dozen others hurt. we're getting a number of reports coming in to us. this is university actually had been under attack as recently as two weeks ago. there are some thoughts this was a militant effort. we will have more on this developing story.
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i will see you right back here right after this.
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trish: breaking right now, donald trump is speaking. you see him there. let's listen in. he is in tampa, florida, and talking about taxes regulations and creating more jobs in this country. let's listen. >> christians, jews, catholics,s muslims, everybody, you have to get out and vote on november 8th. [cheering] there is only one person you can vote for, donald trump. we're going to do our job. we're going to do it. [cheering] we're going to do it with you. hillary clinton wants to put the miners and the steelworkers out of work. you have heard her.
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[booing] you've heard her. we are going to lift restrictions on all american energy and we are going to stand up to foreign cheating which is what they're doing. they're cheating. that threatens steel production in america. they're dumping all over this country because they want our steel to go out of business so they can make this steel for us an charge us plenty. not going to happen, folks. not going to happen. hillary clinton. hillary clinton want to expand job killing obamacare and put government in charge of your health care. you know where that leads. [booing] they tried that in venezuela, you see what is happening. not working. not working in many other places. this is so important. are you ready? we are going to repeal and replace obamacare.
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and create -- [cheering] and, by the way, i have to tell you always guess one of the most incredible applause. people are dieing with obamacar it is a disaster. your premiums are going up by 40%, 50%. the number, or november 1st. they're trying to move the date because is an election-changing number. could be close to 50%. they want to make it in december. they don't want to reveal the numbers. obamacare is a disaster. in the great state of texas, they had almost a 50% increase going through blue cross-blue shield. almost a 50% increase, and the people are furious. you will have more than that. and folks, it is not going to work. it is dying of its own weight, regardless who becomes president it is dead. she will try and save it by
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raising everybody's taxes. believe me, we can, we can come up with a plan, that will be so much less expensive and so much better. and we will do that. [cheering] we will create choice and competition and that is really going to make it swing. it will be amazing thing to watch. all right, hillary clinton wants to trap children in failing schools, 100%. i want school choice, choice, choice. so you have competition. i want charter schools, and i want merit pay for our great teachers. we should have merit pay. nobody more important than a teacher. we should have merit pay for those teachers that are outstanding. we're going to put our kids on to the ladder of success.
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and that is a good education, and then, a great job. that is what we need. [cheering] this is so important for our inner cities. our inner cities are suffering like never before. they have been run by democrats for some years. some cases over 100 years. almost every inner-city is run by the democrats. nearly four in 10 african-american children live in poverty. think of it. 58% of african-american youth are not employed. 58%. more more 2700 people have been shot in chicago since the beginning of the year, not a long time. homicides are up nearly 50% in washington, d.c., and more than 60% in baltimore. the democratic party has run as
2:22 pm
i have said nearly every inner-city in this country for 50 or 60, in some cases over 100 years. over a hundred years. they produced only more poverty, only more crime, only more joblessness, and broken homes all over the place. at record levels. to those suffering and hurting, and the people left behind, i say, vote for donald trump. vote for donald trump. [cheering] >> trump, trump, trump! >> thank you. trish: you have been listening there to donald trump, once again hitting all the issues that have been so important in
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this campaign from the economic front, talking about the importance of creating jobs and the need for lower taxes, less regulation, to do that, he also emphasized competition in the school system, something the teachers unions have obviously been quite adamantly against, him saying we need school choice. i think he had some hand motions as well, big c or something, trying to make with his hands when it comes to school choice. merit pay was another policy he put forward for teachers. merit pay, school choice and charter schools. the need for choice and competition in order to really help our student in the best way possible. he also made another appeal to minority communities by saying that minority communities have been so disserviced by the liberal economic policies of the left for basically the last 100 years he said, it is time that that start to change, so again, more policy from donald trump. no teleprompter. no teleprompter today. this is rally.
2:24 pm
rallies are a little different from the speeches. he is getting a lot of applause there from the crowd. especially when he talked about the need for repealing obamacare, something he said needs to be done. he emphasized that the crowd always loves that one because people are seeing their premiums go up. anyway, we'll take a quick break. we'll be right back with more from donald trump. and also, we'll be talking to head of investigations for "judicial watch." "judicial watch" is the group that managed to get those emails that everybody was so curious about and have now led to many allegations about an overly-cozy relationship between the state department and the clinton foundation. we're back right after this. ♪
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to the fbi demanding more details on clinton's use of a private e-mail server. the e-mail server has been one big deal. but this whole other issue now is raising a whole lot more questions. are you looking into that as well? >> yeah. they are interrelated. people wonder from the beginning, why would you set up a private server would have access to classified servers that were supposed to be used. it is pretty clear that looking at it now, hillary clinton really did not want any of these e-mails regarding the clinton foundation to be subject to foia or congressional oversight and she was trying to segregate her own e-mails so that would not necessarily see the light of day. so now of course, we are seeing that these e-mails, contrary to
2:31 pm
her wishes, are coming to buy. remember, she told the congress that she turned over every work-related e-mail. she signed a declaration in a federal court case in august of 2015, swearing under penalty of perjury and she turned over every work-related e-mail. we now know that it's not true. there were thousands of work-related e-mails and basically her lawyers went through this and anything that had clinton foundation was the work-related. we know that is not the case. trish: congressmen, people are looking for sort of the smoking gun if he would. do you think it has been found in terms of the cozy relationship? how cozy was there? can one actually prove that it was quit rococo? >> you may be able to. i haven't been able to review the e-mails, but your previous guest mentioned by rain. he tried to get a meeting through normal channels and that would be someone you would need with a secretary of state. he was rebuffed in that it was
2:32 pm
the head of the clinton foundation that content does we need to get a ring with the crown prince. the clinton foundation by surveying is the gatekeeper anti-obama administration themselves they filed legal briefs saying. and they thought that was absolutely corrupt. trish: if that is corruption, its illegal. this sounds pretty bad. if you can draw those links and proved in the e-mail chain that effectively a meeting with hillary clinton was for sale for a certain price, just write a check to the clinton foundation. what does that mean? >> well, at a minimum, we have enough to wear a serious would need to be launched. i called for special counsel long ago. from what we know, the fbi wanted to investigate attorney
2:33 pm
general to read a lynch rebuffed that. to me that's an atrocious decision and they pursued cases against people who have done less. trish: congressmen, thank you so much. good to see you today. we will be right back. better buckle up. that inactive satellite radio of yours is ready to roll. because the siriusxm free listening event is on right now! just hit the sat button in your car and listen free thru sept 6. that's right, two glorious weeks of commercial-free music, plus talk, sports, comedy, news, and more. your ride has never, ever, rocked like this. oh yeah, siriusxm is on for free right now. so tune in and let's ride!
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trish: donald trump slamming hillary clinton in a texas rally last night, criticizing the democratic nominee for her weak policies on illegal immigration. watch them here.
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>> she has said she is going to give massive amnesty in her first 100 days. [booing] she wants to cut immigration enforcement, the immigration people do such a great job, but they have no leadership at the top. trish: trumps tough stance on immigration helps propel into the top of the pollster in primate season, but now he may be taking a step back saying he is opening up to a softening of laws affecting illegal immigrants. what does he mean by that? well, here it is. >> there certainly can be a softening because we are not looking to her people. we have some great people in this country. we have some great, great people in this country. we are going to follow the laws of this country. trish: what does that mean? what would a trump immigration policy look like?
2:38 pm
joining me now, ed rollins. so i kind of feels like he's trying to have his cake and eat it too. say we are going to be tough, but we are going to be softer. >> he shouldn't use them or softer. it's a complicated issue. when i was in the white house in 1986 i was involved in the last drafting of this legislation. both democrats and republicans have tried to do things before. we still have millions of americans make a great contribution to society and we need to be thoughtful about how we handle those. at the same time, a lot is there and is there and he basically is fabricated you get the criminals out of here and i think he's going to a thoughtful process at this point in time but he has to be careful. i'm not on the campaign so i don't know what is going to end. i think the discoveries more complicated. trish: yeah, you need
2:39 pm
independent spirit a lot of independents may be looking at the same feeling as though low, there's a lot of hard-working immigrants in this country that are just getting by in trying to make a life for themselves and maybe they would love some kind of path to being legal. at the same time, if you offer that path, it is kind of an open invitation for more people to just keep coming across the border. so it is an incredibly complicated nuanced position that i think he is going to have to step forward ways. >> it is definitely nuanced. you talk about undocumented immigrants. that's about 11 million. 81 million is the number of immigrants and u.s.-born children in this country. when you are 76 in your immigration policy is to be determined, quote, unquote, that's a good start. trish: where you getting that? >> that the number of immigrants who are here and u.s.-born
2:40 pm
children. that includes documented and undocumented. you need an end unchanged immigration policy that envelops all of them. working for hillary clinton, i know she's been tackling this. this has been an issue that's gone on for decades. trish: you want to offer everyone amnesty. by the way, keep inviting more and more people including 65,000 syrians. i'll leave that aside and we can do we can do it to us in this country right now. one of the troubling things as people feel they don't even know. >> that's a serious thing and as a conservative who never wanted a national i.d. card for voting purposes and also immigration purposes. we now have security issues we didn't have before. a large criminal element and i think to a certain extent there's kind of the time committed and i think that's what a lot of the rhetoric is about. equally as important, who comes here, you have to make sure you know who they are. otherwise it is going to be
2:41 pm
trump tapped into something early on and now he's going to back away he has to do it. trish: let's talk about the political conquest. you bring up a very important issue. he's trying to walk this tightrope because he doesn't want to seem inhumane. rounding everybody up and throwing them out of the country feels a little inhumane for a lot of independent voters. at the same time, he's got his days sitting there saying 11 million you're talking about 80 some odd million. they don't like the idea there are people in this country illegally that we don't even know about. how does the balance this right now? i want to hear from it for a second. >> i think the next statement he made has to be the next position. now he's going to do it next week. he has to get all the accounts, basically what it comes out with this next week is the position from now until election day.
2:42 pm
three, four, five things you run on. stick with that message, pounded home and draw the contrasts. >> i think you mentioned independence earlier. the vast majority of americans, no matter where you are coming by to see some kind of resolution, some kind of path to citizenship. that said, you focus especially on young people. especially those going to go for the first time her second time in their lives, want to also see some resolution. to me the fact that donald trump's frederick was so visceral and to be so draconian, it is hard for me to understand how he can turn so quickly and get people to believe. >> but then again, one thing he does have going for him is political capital. he has a base that is so invested right now that he says look, i'm going to change this position a little.
2:43 pm
he may be able to bring them along with him, but it's a challenge. >> i know you have to go. but i would say to that is i think what he is really doing a softening for people who feel somewhat on the fence, but i don't see it growing his coalition report. >> whatever he comes out with max that's what it's going to be. trish: so good to see you. we will take a quick break and be right back after this. you can move calls between phones, so conversations can go where you go. take your time. i'm not going anywhere. (announcer vo) and when you're not available, one talk helps find the right person who is. hi, john. (announcer vo) so wherever work takes you, you can put your customers first. introducing one talk-- another way verizon connects your business better. learn how at
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trish: let's check out these markets. the dow trading 41 points right now, just counting off the lows of the session. s&p downgrade. crude closing out the day at $46.77 moments ago, trading down nearly 3%. oil prices extending with a big surprise bill in u.s. stocks supplies. more supply, lower prices. shares of express are plunging after the clothing makers slashed its outlook. it outperforms many last year, same-store sales and forecast for this year. we will be right back with the price of epipen storing. my limit now charging $700 for the drug and we just learned this company as a preteen foundation -- clinton foundation
2:46 pm
2:47 pm
trish: there is outrage right now over mylan hiking the price of epipen. epipen is something you need if you have a allergy and it can basically save your life. you've got to take it right away. these costs 57 bucks. now come a package of two is going for over $700 but actually only cost about two but to make
2:48 pm
the same. meanwhile, the company accused of paying less in the way of taxes by relocating overseas. can't blame them i'm not. all while paying the ceo big time. that's shareholders is nice. i'll tell you what, you cannot fault a company for trying to make money, but you can't halt the u.s. government for creating such an onerous regulatory environment that no one can possibly compete. the fda with all its regulations has single-handedly given mylan a monopoly and cause hardships for millions of americans that suffer are not allergies and need to start to save their lives. joining me now is our own liz claman. i understand from your reporting that mylan is one of the companies that donated to the clinton foundation as well, further complicating all of this. >> you know, mylan would've done better just to lower the price
2:49 pm
of epipen. now the microsoft dishonest company and among the other issues we found including the tax dodging after which does not sit well not only with a lot of americans, but people at donald trump or hillary clinton or president obama who have spoken out against that. it turns out the former ceo robert curry was part of group of people who did donate 100 to $250,000 to the clinton foundation. it was an unrelated issue could the good work the clinton foundation was doing on hiv. however, now people are looking and trying to triangulate and make all kinds of tentacles and relations to the issue at hand and that is anybody not just with a peanut allergy, but a food allergy. my nephew suffers from one particle per million of milk you will die, go into anaphylactic shock and die if he doesn't have epinephrine which goes into the epipen. you rightly point out it only cost $2 to put together. so why does mylan have a lock on
2:50 pm
this? there's a couple other choices. u.s. has something called the ob keeler, but they had to voluntarily recall that because of issues. it's interesting -- trish: i point out it was phenomenal. it was made by a couple of brothers with not allergies over in israel. i know because my 4-year-old, believe it or not, he has an allergy. allergies in and of themselves are amazing at how prevalent they are. whole other conversation for another day. this is important stuff. we had to go with that pen everywhere. families need these because otherwise, if you buy a mistake in are happy than just a tiny bit like you mentioned with your nephew with milk, doctors began. they've got a monopoly on these things. liz: date appeared at the top of the hour, the food allergy research and education group represent millions and millions of people with allergies. turns out the biggest corporate
2:51 pm
partner is mylan kabul push him on whether he is going to push mylan to lower the price or answer for this. there hasn't been any meaningful development. trish: was the fda? maybe they are regulating this. we will see you more after the break.
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trish: new developments in the attack on the american university and afghanistan in the capital of kabul, the afghanistan ministry of health said at least one was killed. 14 are wounded treated witnesses reported sounds of an explosion and gunfire while classes were in session in which officials described as a complex attack. joining my right now, fox news contributor, a woman who spent a lot of time in the middle east
2:55 pm
and in afghanistan, judith miller. good to have you back. first of all, an american university in kabul. tommy what that is. >> well, one of america's great contributions in the middle east has been a set of universities. american university beirut, american university of cairo and couple which was chartered in 2004. and this is the hope for the future. these are the places that inculcate western value, tolerance, pluralism. 50% of the entering class of a ua, american university of kabul, 50% in 2012 for women. and that is astonishing for a country that's as educationally backward as afghanistan. >> this was just attacked a couple weeks ago. it was attacked again today. i would imagine this is very
2:56 pm
much a target. the name alone -- this is definitely an attack on us, not only our presence but what we represent in terms of our values. you know, with the taliban want is not only to get rid of every one of those 10,000 military advisers. they want to uproot and get rid of everything that we represent. education for women. advancement for minorities. it quality of rule under law. and that is where places like the auc and the american universities are so important. they know exactly what they are attacking and you can expect many more such attacks i'm afraid. thank you. trish: we will be right back after this. what powers the digital world. communication.
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trish: associated press reporting that the majority of people that are clinton met with while secretary of state for
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clinton foundation donors. coincidence? could this be something more? some are alleging that the pay for play scheme that the clintons engaged and ,-com,-com ma like my facebook showpage, don't forget to follow me on twitter at trish intel. i'd like to know what to think. over two years. liz: corruption, pay for play, some of the charges critics of hillary clinton are tossing around today after "the associated press" sensational report. half of the people unaffiliated with the government that hillary clinton met with the secretary of state for clinton foundation donors. donald trump of course jumping all over the report today on the campaign trail in the battleground state of florida. just today the polls showed trump with a slight lead, but with terror attacks in american university in kabul and a new offenses against basis in theory a which candidate would be best for the best friend of the u.s. in th


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